The Association for preserving traditional Serbian culture and art “Zlatibor”, has been situated in the village of Cajetina for several decades. It’s folklore and music sections are comprised of local children and youth who have significantly contributed and continue to do so to the overall activities of the association. Over 1000 young individuals from the Zlatibor region, village of Cajetina and surrounding areas have been members of the association in the course of their growing up process.

After a break which lasted for a decade, a founding conference was held in 1996. The founding members decided to form a civic association as named in the past – “Zlatibor”. The first elected president was Mr. Dimitrije Radeljic. Vladan Milekic - Licky was elected the leader of the artistic folklore. Mr. Milekic, a renowned choreographer from Uzice town, has held the same position ever since. The Music section was placed under the leadership of Mr. Vladimir Kovacevic. During the same year, a full rehearsal was held in front of the Sports Hall in Cajetina. Not long after that, a decision was made that future rehearsals were to be carried out in the gymnasium of the local elementary school, where this practice continues to date. During the annual conference in the Autumn of 2000, Mrs. Jela Pavlovic, was elected the president of the association. Mrs. Pavlovic is a professor, teaching expert subjects on tourism at the local high school. She conscientiously fulfilled her duties until spring of the following year when she was replaced with Mr. Stojan Perisic - Tzole, a veteran of our folklore group who was elected as president. The current president is Miss Bojana Bozanic.

In the last 15 years that were filled with performances and numerous recognitions in Serbia, the association has traveled and performed the traditional Serbian dances abroad: in Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, Belgium, Spain, Tunisia, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovenia, and Greece to name a few. The activity of our association is currently in preparation with a couple of the children and veteran folklore groups, alongside the performance and preparatory groups. Mr. Vladan Milekic is the head of the performance, preparatory and children groups. The art director of the children groups is Miss Milica Milutinovic. The secretary of the association is Miss. Jelena Kokorovic, while the director of the folklore orchestra is Mr. Milan Kaljevic.

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