Тhe first ensemble

The performance group has about 50 active dancers of different ages. High school and university students in Zlatibor county form the pivotal base of that group which has performed at almost all the prestigious festivals and folklore competitions, both nationally and internationally. It is a consistent representative of the western Serbian traditional cultural heritage.

Сhildren's ensemble

Work with children is carried out through a couple of groups in Zlatibor and Cajetina village. The group in Cajetina has worked since the founding of the association. It is divided into a couple of groups: first to fourth grade elementary school members and fourth to eighth elementary school members. The group in Zlatibor is comprised of three sub-groups: first and second elementary school grade members, second to sixth elementary school grade members and sixth to eighth elementary school grade members. Dance repertoire of all the performance groups is based on steps and choreography in aim to prepare the children for future adult group dances.

Veteran ensemble

The group is comprised of the eldest members, who are actually the youngest members as far as the longevity of their work is concerned because that group has been active from the 1st of November, 2009. It has always had 40 dancers. This group follows with much success the repertoire of the first group. The group currently performs 5 choreographies. A genuine approach of the veteran members who regularly attend rehearsals has set a positive example to the younger members.

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